Perennial at the Sweet Spot Between Real-Estate and Healthcare

Perennial Real Estate Holdings Ltd., periodically makes the news for opportunistic real-estate deals:  think Katong Mall, TripleOne Somerset, AXA Tower … Exciting as these deals are, the outlook for the company was clouded by the uncertainty over their projects in China. Perennial is developing large tracts of real-estate in Chengdu, Xian, and [...]

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Far East Orchard Ltd. Growing its Footprint in Europe

Far East Orchard Ltd is a member of Far East Organization. Formerly known as Orchard Parade Holdings Ltd, the company was renamed Far East Orchard Ltd in 2012. Since then the company has morphed from a low-key, local hotel-operator to an international hospitality operator and owner, with a diversified real-estate portfolio comprising serviced apartments, medical [...]

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