IHH’s Gleneagles: Riding the Healthcare Wave into China

IIHH Healthcare Bhd is the world’s second-largest healthcare provider by market capitalization. They are dual-listed on the SGX and the Bursa. IHH Healthcare has three operating units: Parkway Pantai, which owns 32% of ParkwayLife REIT; Achibadem Holdings, which is 60% owned by IHH; and IMU Health. As of 2016, Parkway Pantai accounted for 62% of [...]

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Perennial at the Sweet Spot Between Real-Estate and Healthcare

Perennial Real Estate Holdings Ltd., periodically makes the news for opportunistic real-estate deals:  think Katong Mall, TripleOne Somerset, AXA Tower … Exciting as these deals are, the outlook for the company was clouded by the uncertainty over their projects in China. Perennial is developing large tracts of real-estate in Chengdu, Xian, and [...]

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Q & M Dental Group: Growth Fueled by Debt

Q& M Dental Group operates over 70 dental clinics in Singapore and a smaller number in China and Malaysia. For 2015, their revenues came from Singapore (70%), China (23%) and Malaysia (6%). Q & M’s growth has accelerated in recent years as they sought to increase their market share by acquiring established dental practices. [...]

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