Keppel T&T – a new beginning?

Keppel T&T comprises of two operating business units: Logistics and Data Centres. The two are a study in contrasts! As of 2015, the Logistics Division accounted for 70% of annual revenue and 5% of profits, while the Data Centre Division accounted for 30% of annual revenue and 70% of profits. This lopsided figure is in [...]

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Perennial at the Sweet Spot Between Real-Estate and Healthcare

Perennial Real Estate Holdings Ltd., periodically makes the news for opportunistic real-estate deals:  think Katong Mall, TripleOne Somerset, AXA Tower … Exciting as these deals are, the outlook for the company was clouded by the uncertainty over their projects in China. Perennial is developing large tracts of real-estate in Chengdu, Xian, and [...]

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Hong Leong Asia Ltd: Yuchai’s Strong Performance the Only Bright Spark

Hong Leong Asia Ltd., is an industrial conglomerate comprising Diesel Engines (Yuchai), Building Materials (Tasek Cement), Consumer Goods (Xinfei), Air-Conditioning (Airwell) and Packaging (Rex). Of these Yuchai S$150 m,  and Tasek S$ 34 m are profitable; while  Xinfei (S$128 m), Airwell (S$11 m) and Rex (S$6 m) are in the red. Interestingly Xinfei, Airwell and [...]

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