Food-and-Beverage are company Delfi manufactures chocolate confectionery with partners Orion, Korea and Yuraku, Japan. Popular brands are Choco Pie and Black Thunder

ThaiBev – A Regional Beverage Giant in the Making

T hai Beverage Public Ltd listed on the SGX in May 2006 and had a low corporate profile until its audacious bid for Fraser & Neave Ltd (F&N) in 2012. ThaiBev caused a stir when it along with TCC Assets, privately acquired 22% of Fraser & Neave and 8% of Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd (APB) [...]

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Delfi Limited: JV with Orion and Yuraku for Chocolate Confectionery to Boost Profits.

Delfi Limited (formerly Petra Foods Limited) manufactures, markets and distributes chocolate confectionery in its core markets of Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. Delfi’s revenue for 2016 was U$402 million, split between Own Brands (U$262 m) and Agency Brands (U$139 m), of which Indonesia contributed 72%, while Philippines and Malaysia contributed about 12% each. Profit margins at [...]

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