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The Informed Investor publishes original investment ideas about stocks listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange.

Our reports are written with the individual investor in mind.

The reports are written in plain English, avoiding the usual financial mumbo-jumbo, and present the merits of the investment in terms that is easy to understand. Above all, our reports are factual and we scrupulously avoid speculation.

We enjoy receiving readers’ comments, whether positive or negative and encourage you to post your views.


We aim to make investing in stocks approachable to all.

We research stocks that are either under-valued or ignored;  often both, and analyze them for their investment potential.

We put in much effort to ensure that our analysis is sound and our reports, shorn of financial jargon, is written to be understood by all.

We hope you benefit from our articles published here. If you have questions please write to us and we will happily answer them.


We publish investment ideas suited for the lay individual investor.

On our website you will find original research on well run companies whose stocks are likely to appreciate in the medium-term. We recognize that rigorous stock selection is key to your success and therefore focus on well established, financially-sound companies.

We suggest you evaluate the different investment options and invest in those companies that you are most familiar with, bearing in mind that there is no reward without risk.


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